The Fascination of DIY Cat Toys: Crafting Fun and Saving Money -00005


DIY Cat Toys
DIY Cat Toys

Cats are not just our pets; they are our companions, providing endless entertainment and love. Being responsible pet owners, we have a duty to ensure they live happy and healthy lives. One way to achieve this is by enriching their environment and encouraging physical activity through DIY (Do It You) cat toys. In this article, we’ll explore the world of DIY cat toys, providing you with easy-to-follow instructions and inspiration for creating toys that will not only keep your feline friend engaged but also save you money.

making cat toys
Making Cat Toys

Materials Needed

Before diving into the fun of crafting DIY cat toys, it’s crucial to gather the materials you’ll need. Safety is paramount when it comes to pet toys, so be sure to choose non-toxic and cat-friendly materials. Common items you might need include:

  • Yarn: For crafting soft, lightweight toys.
  • Cardboard: Excellent for creating scratching surfaces.
  • Paper bags: Perfect for hiding spots.
  • Old socks: Ideal for making sock mice.
  • Feathers: Great for feathered wand toys.
  • Catnip: An irresistible addition to many cat toys.

Easy DIY Cat Toys

easy making cat toys
Easy Making Cat Toys

The Classic Yarn Ball

Creating a yarn ball is as simple as it gets. Just roll a ball of yarn, and your cat will have a blast batting it around. You can even add a bell inside for extra excitement.

Cardboard Creations

Cutting out cardboard shapes, like fish or hearts, can make for excellent pouncing toys. Cats are fond of the delightful texture cardboard provides.

Paper Bag Hideaways

Leave paper bags around for your cat to explore. They’ll love the crinkly sound and the mystery of what might be inside.

Sock Mice

Fill an old sock with stuffing or catnip, then shape it into a mouse. Your cat will adore carrying it around like prey.

Intermediate DIY Cat Toys

cat toys
Cat Toys

Feathered Wand Toys

Attach feathers to a stick or wand, and you’ve got a toy that simulates hunting birds. It’s an excellent way to engage your cat’s natural instincts.

Catnip-Filled Wonders

Sew small catnip-filled pillows or pouches. Cats go crazy for catnip, and these little pillows can provide hours of entertainment.

Interactive Puzzle Feeders

Create puzzle feeders to keep your cat mentally active. Hide treats or kibble inside and watch as your cat works to get them out.

Advanced DIY Cat Toys

Cat Toys With Safety
Cat Toys With Safety

Cat Tree Towers

For the more ambitious, building a cat tree tower can be a rewarding project. It provides a play area, scratching posts, and cozy spots for your cat to relax.

Homemade Scratching Posts

Old carpet or sisal rope wrapped around a wooden post can make an excellent scratching post for your cat. It’ll save your furniture and make your cat very happy.

Tunnel Adventures

Sew together a tunnel for your cat to explore. Cats love to hide and pounce, and a tunnel provides the perfect opportunity for these activities.

Tips for Safety

While DIY cat toys are fantastic, safety should always come first:

  • Supervising Playtime: Keep an eye on your cat during play to ensure they don’t swallow small parts or get entangled.
  • Checking for Wear and Tear: Regularly inspect DIY toys for signs of damage or loose pieces.
  • Avoiding Choking Hazards: Be cautious of items that could become choking hazards, such as small buttons or strings.

Benefits of DIY Cat Toys

Creating your own cat toys offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Save money by using materials you already have at home.
  • Bonding with Your Cat: Spending time crafting and playing strengthens your bond with your pet.
  • Customizing for Your Cat’s Preferences: You can tailor toys to your cat’s unique likes and dislikes.

The Joy of Creativity

Crafting DIY cat toys allows for creativity. You can personalize designs, colors, and sizes to cater to your cat’s preferences. Plus, it’s a sustainable way to repurpose items you might have otherwise discarded.

Making Playtime Fun

When it comes to cat toys, think about the type of play your cat enjoys. Some cats love active, pouncing play, while others prefer more passive toys. Keep a variety of toys and rotate them to keep playtime exciting.


Incorporating DIY cat toys into your cat’s life is a fun and rewarding experience. It not only provides entertainment and exercise for your furry friend but also allows you to express your creativity while saving money. So, get crafting and watch your cat’s eyes light up with joy!


1. Are DIY cat toys safe for all cats?

DIY cat toys can be safe for most cats, but it’s essential to choose materials carefully and supervise playtime, especially if your cat is known to chew on or swallow things.

2. How can I ensure my DIY cat toys are catnip-filled?

To make catnip-filled toys, you can sew a small pouch and fill it with dried catnip. Make sure it’s securely stitched to prevent your cat from accessing the catnip directly.

3. What should I do if my cat loses interest in a DIY toy?

Over time, cats may lose interest in the same toys. Try rotating toys to keep playtime engaging. You can also introduce new elements to the toys to pique their interest.

4. Can I wash DIY cat toys?

It depends on the materials used. Some DIY cat toys can be washed if they get dirty, while others may need to be replaced if they become soiled beyond cleaning.

5. How often should I replace DIY cat toys?

The frequency of replacement depends on your cat’s play habits and the quality of the materials used. Regularly check for wear and tear, and replace toys as needed to ensure your cat’s safety.

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